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Most Email Marketers Offer Unsubscribe Option

The majority of email marketers (96%) include an unsubscribe function in their emails in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, according to a report from email firm Lyris.

Most Email Marketers Offer Unsubscribe Option

Many email marketers use tactics to discourage users from unsubscribing such as displaying unsubscribe language in small font or hiding it completely. Just 29 percent of those email marketers surveyed said they do not use those tactics.

“Email is the only marketing channel that gives consumers full control of the relationship,” said Stefan Pollard, director of Email Marketing Best Practices. “That doesn’t have to be scary – in fact, it’s actually quite savvy.

“Marketers clearly are complying with the law here. But the fact that so many still discourage unsubscribes shows that they don’t fully understand the opportunity they have to reinforce the value of their brand by creating a transparent email program that inspires trust.”

Over 80 percent of email marketers said they make the unsubscribe process simple. Users can either click a URL for instant removal (53%) or reply directly to the email with “unsubscribe” in the subject line (29%). More than 90 percent offer subscribers alternative ways to opt out through other channels like call centers, postal mail, and email.

Sixty-three percent of email marketers said they include an unsubscribe option in welcome emails, 45 percent include it in customer service messages and 31 percent include it in transactional emails.

On their unsubscribe confirmation landing pages, 18 percent said they include a goodbye message, 6 percent provide a customer service phone number, 5 percent offer a feedback form and only 4 percent mention other messaging channels.

“An unsubscribe isn’t always about saying goodbye,” said Pollard. “Maybe the subscriber’s needs or interests changed, or he wants to update an address, or to hear from you more or less often. Too many marketers react to the unsubscribe request by simply cutting off contact. Sure, that’s compliance, but it’s also shortsighted.”

“Take the opportunity to ask some questions, offer some alternatives or just to thank them for being your customer. Maybe you’ll convince them to stay, and maybe you won’t. But at least you’ll leave with them a reminder of why they liked you in the first place.”


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UAE Webdesigning – Optimize Autoresponder for Users

Autoresponder is automatic email generator that sends emails to users after getting feedback.  There are lots of autoresponder based on software.  You may get them free, demo and buy them after being satisfied.  Autoresponder may be optimized based on requirement like time period, custom messages and schedule. autoresponder are used in many way of contact with customers like sending a recipient copy about getting email or giving schedule slots to users.

autoresponder also have important role in getting feedback from users that may convert into users for any business. Optimization of autoresponder depends on the business profile and its importance also. But still there are some general tips to optimize your autoresponder.

Test: For, your auto responder, this is very important to send your email to your related business emails. you can check it with your email address. You should have professional checker for your autoresponder for your autoresponder. In case of lack of professional, you should have spell checker and grammar checker.

Personalize it: personalization of email makes great impact on users. You can add his name and email address with defined message. this makes more personalization like dear or madam saluate words. so personalization of email messages is important also.

Relevance autoresponse: Email messgage should be relevant to your business. For web designing, your autoresponder message should near to business themes. You can add new services, new offers and some tips in autoresponder’s messages.

Make It simple: For autoresponder messages, it should be simple in English and in layout if media rich based messages. Messages should target for different age group and also targeted to different country based persons.

autoresponder may give more benefits to your business if it would be optimized for your business. Any web development services also are included optimization of autoresponder messages. Web services like  web hosting provided by web designing companies are growing day by day.

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UAE Web Designing – Usefull Or Not to Your Business

People have their business based on business to customer or business to business. But, is website has importance for business purpose or not? Answer is based on Type of business, its target and geo target location. For any business its type or its products have great value to decide making website. Some websites may create for just awareness about your business with static pages means user would see only, not would able to send feedback to webmasters.

Some websites may be dynamic websites, but still made by businessman for sending their query, feedback. They are almost static means only one page would be used for getting feedback. For this business category, you may see construction based business like any construction companies has their official website. Lots of business can grow their business with website by buying and selling their products or just booked their product also on internet. For example, any restaurants, websites can help to book their order from end users.

For any business, awareness of internet and education is also important. For example, some products can be ordered from internet but the people are not aware with internet, in this situation, your website would not be way of earning money. For, lots of business, people awareness about internet can give most profits to their business.

Number of web pages; also have importance for any business. Means for any product, that cannot be sold over internet may have less number of web pages. On other hand, websites with online sell and buy products categories should have more pages with more advance option like online payment support. Website for any business always has positive response for lots of business. Being importance of websites, website services and website companies are growing. Web promotion services are getting importance in terms online marketing.

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UAE Webdesigning – Optimize CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)

CSS (Cascade style sheet) is one of important part of web designing. This reduces the page size of web pages as well as decrease download time for any web pages. CSS is also be validated by validator and should be defined based on every web browser compatibilities. CSS style is used in div supported structure instead of table based structure. In Table based structure, codes become some difficult than div based structure. Use of CSS is also use full in terms of SEO, while reducing to code, and decreasing to load time. But what are things to be noticed that while optimizing CSS?  Optimizing of CSS depends on lots of factors and as well as web site layout also.

1). Group Defined: In Web pages, there may be lots of designing issues that may follow to approximately same properties. In this situation, try to make common group of same properties. This would decrease total size of CSS. for example

h2{font-size: 14pt; color: #ccff34;  font-family: ‘verdhana’ , Arial;  margin: 4px 0px  }

h3 {font-size: 11pt; color: #ccff34;  font-family: ‘verdhana’ , Arial;  margin: 4px 0px }

In this case we can define CSS like :


{font-size: 14pt;}

h3{font-size: 11pt;}

h2, h3

{ color: #ccff34;  font-family: ‘verdhana’ , Arial;  margin: 4px 0px  }

this would reduce size of CSS and also decrease load time of page also.

2). Shorthand Hexadecimal : CSS is used for giving attractive look to web pages. So there would use of color combination. Colors are recognized by browser in hexadecimal format. In hexadecimal there is used to six digits codes, but in short hand decimal, we use of 3 digits only. This would decrease your CSS code size and also supported by every web browser. For example we can use CSS like :

.img {background-color:#fdf}, using short hand method.

3). Use parents Classes: In Web pages while defining classes, this would more suitable to define classes in parents structure so that number of times of calling to CSS would be decrease and overall download time would be decreased also. For example use

<ul class=”line”><li>Home </li><li>Products</li><li>Clients</li></ul> instead of <ul><li class=”line”>Home </li><li class=”line”>Products</li><li class=”line”>Clients</li></ul> .

4). Proper Comment Define: In CSS, we can define two type of comment layout. One is based on one line comment and other one based on multiple lines. If your CSS has more than one line for commenting then use multiple define method like (/*—*/). And for one line comment, you should use one line format like (//). For multiple lines do not use single line comment format.

5). Remove Whitespace: Whitespace are entities that some times are not seen to user by accessed and have value in web browser. These entities have existences, so these also increase page size as well as increase load time also. So, there is also need of remove whitespace.

CSS has important roles in web designing and layout defined also. There are lots of Dubai web development and Dubai software companies that have great services. Dubai seo companies also have web development services.

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UAE Web Development – Speed Up DownloadTime

For any business purpose, website is one of way to communicate with clients. Every business has some specific web site presentation. But lots of things that they need to consider for good website design. Some of them use of navigation, page size, download time, image optimization. Without optimization website may not be good way to express their business. So there are lots of points that may help to explore your business by optimizing website.

1). Layout of any new website should follow to CSS style leaving traditional table layout structure. CSS would help to decrease page size along with reducing complicated code.

2). Call Up images with CSS. Browsers first call background image then content, so this technique would increase download speed. In case of adding ALT tag or adding image in HTML, use width and height attributes so that browsers may adjust space and would decrease time.

3). Use shorthand CSS instead of full defined properties. For example

margin: 1px 2px 3px 4px /* top, right, bottom, left */ instead of

margin-top: 1px;
margin-right: 2px;
margin-bottom: 3px;
margin-left: 4px

4). Minimize White space, comments and line returns. Every element takes one byte of code, so try to minimize them all.

5). Use relative paths instead of absolute paths. this would decrease your code length. for example

<a href=”filename.htm”> instead of href=”http://www.example.com/filename.htm”&gt;

6). Remove unnecessary meta tags and meta content. Meta tags are important for keywords ranking, but lots of other are not necessary for SEO, so we should remove them so that page size may decrease.

7). CSS and JavaScript are used to add effect in website page. These files should have in external directories and then call them to HTML page. This method would decrease download time as well as reduce code complication.

8). Use “/” at end of URL for any directories. For example

use <a href=”http://www.example.com/directoryname/”&gt; instead of <a href=”http://www.example.com/directoryname”&gt;

Using this method server would know that link refers to directories and extra time to understand link would decrease.

These method would increase your webpage download speed and your website would give positive response for your website. There are lots of  UAE website development and Dubai website development companies are giving their services. UAE website designing companies and Dubai web designing are known in worldwide.

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UAE Web Design – Page Load Time and User Experience

Attractive Website layouts attract user’s activities for particular page. In getting attractive there is lots of software that are available for making website more attractive.  some of them are flash, silver light software also. But what is drawback of using flash or supported software for making attractive website ?

Attractive website has large size file for user friendly. This large size file consume bandwidth of server, make delay to download whole page. but how this affect user experience ? for ideal website page, download time should be 5 KB for web page.  but this is possible if your website page has less size or server has big bandwidth for user.  But how can we minimize webpage size ? for this issue we have to create images, flash to be in optimized format. For images we can create .gif, .png format and for flash we can create flash in short file collection.

For user experience, most of the websites pages are not seen because they have more page load time. Based on serve user wait for any page till 8 seconds, if your web page is taking more time it would be harmful for you. There is aslo DSL connection configuration issue for any website, there are many user that support to Dial connection, then other major connection is broadband and some are based on wireless connection. For good website there should also be point to be considered for low internet connection.

If your web site have more page load, then bounce rate would be increased and total conversion ratio also would decreased. more page load time also affect to search engines to crawl to your website, this would effect to your website for getting good keyword ranking. For crawling your website there should also good bandwidth to be available.

For making web designing, there are some more other factors to be considered for SEO purpose also like images optimization, flash optimization, layout and content also. For SEO services providers these points are very important for getting good keyword ranking. So we have to consider these points for future benefits.

There are lots uae web designing and Dubai web designing companies, giving also seo services, web hosting services. They are survive there because of considering these small issues and known best uae web development company and Dubai web development company.

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Web Designing layout And Keywords Ranking

Website is now, a cheap, the best and reliable method to advertise services, to contact with company. Website’s layout and design is very important because it represents company profile itself. Web designing can be simple user friendly or more attractive too using flash. Website’s designing and its theme is based on business’s profile. For example for automobiles, websites are created in flash and more attractive, having full of users friendly.

Website can be more complicated to very simple in access of any business. but how can web designing layout would affect website’s keyword ranking ? For getting good ranking for any website, there are some points to be considered.

Web designing Layout: We can make website based on business profile attractive and simple too. But there is important point about layout of web pages. In website there are some parts that are common in every web designing, they are header, footer, navigation and content div. Based on these parts we create website’s pages that would give us good ranking. Most popular web designing layout is 3 (Three Columns) support layout. In this there would be one header, one footer and three vertical div for content, this layout is most preferred by every search engine.

Using Flash: Flash is most powerful and attractive tools to represent their website attractive. This makes website alive while giving attractive looks to websites with good pictures, programming and creativity of flash maker. But flash based website has lots of drawback to get good keywords because of not be able to be indexed by any serach engines. That’s why website would not be able to get good ranking. But e can optimize flash so that text used in flash file could be indexed.

Use of Supporting Files: For making website alive there is also required of some scripts that make content and images to be changed. But how these files can affect keywords ranking? For keywords ranking there is need of less pages size, so for supporting file they need to be called in your webpage, not should define in webpage.

There are other factors also that can also affect google Ranking for any keywords. But some of them are defined here only. There are lots uae web development companies and Dubai web development companies. uae web designing and Dubai web designing services are also given by web development companies.

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Webhosting Server Location And Google SERPs

Google is world famous search engine that cover 65% search over internet. there are other major search engines, they are yahoo and MSN or Live, alltheweb and AOL. Because of increasing internet popularity for user, Now lots of companies are giving their importance over internet to be top ten search engine ranking for respective business keywords. There are lots of companies, they use to give services to give Google ranking in top 10 listing. these companies are called SEO services providers. Google as well as other search engine provides geographically result also, means for India the would be different then UAE region. This result differences are based on location of website hosting server location and website TLD (Top Level Domain).

How website server location would effect Google SERPs ?? For example we have two websites they are made and targeted for UK region only based on business requirement. For one website web hosting server is located in UK and for other website web server location is located into India. For second website it would be hard to come in top 10 listing for UK region because Google sees first which website is located in to specific area and other factors after it to give SERPs. in this situation India based website would be consider less importance then UK based server.

For getting good SERPs TLD (Top Level Domain ) would also effect for any business. for example if there are two websites and they are targeted for UK region and one have TLD .co.uk and other one has .co.in or .com then for Google result for UK region, website for TLD having co.uk would have more importance then co.in or .com.

There are lots of web hosting service provider along with reseller provider for web hosting. They would provide best and good services for their clients but before to get website hosted you should think your business and your your targeted area and should host your website based on that area server. there are lots of uae web hosting or Dubai web hosting services provider companies.  there are also uae search engine optimization and Dubai search engine optimization comanies.

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Web Designing Tips – Good Website Design

For good website  there is needed of good layout because no matter how much good content your website have or how much you are  doing advertisement for your website no one would visit your website again if your website is not being looked attractive.

For better web designing look choose different look and feel colors and ask about with your friends and relatives.  Colors of web site designing should show the business theme. Keep your background area white or some other color so that fore color may be shown sine and visitors would attract towards your website.  To reduce your load time no need to use background picture in body.

For good website, there should be name of business, domain name at near top of page with in fixed boundaries. While selecting navigation button you should think which pages are to be primary pages and where they should be mention. Amount of navigation affects the space of content of website. There are several methods to create website layout along with footer, header and content div. for SEO as well as good web designing there is 3 columns method to create website.

Screen resolutions also are other factor for creating attractive website. If you create your website based on resolutions of 1024*768, then it would not be fit for 800*600 and 640*480 screen resolutions.  For creating website based on resolutions use to make website in percentage method.  Website based on 800*600 resolutions would look fine at same resolution or higher resolution. Width in percent defined would be best for any type of resolution for any computer. Before adding new page into your website, you should check the layout based on different resolutions.

There are lots of good companies of UAE region that are known as best UAE web development companies or Dubai web development companies. They also provide UAE web designing services or Dubai web designing services in Dubai city of UAE.

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Benefits of Div based Stucture Over Table

There are two method for designing website one using table that is ancient format to make web designing. Other method is div based called CSS support format structure.

There are was some advantages and disadvantages of table structure, considering advantages table strcuture is that your website would create easily. but now disadvantages are that coding goes to huge at webpage that’s why over all loading time of page is use to increase. In SEO terms, there is also not good because of increasing page size as well as code complication.

After some times, Div or CSS style is introduced that has lots of benefits over table structure. In div or CSS format your code would decrease that ‘s why your code would be under stable. After decreasing coding, you or even some other person can understand whole structure. For SEO benefits, page size would decrease that would help to download whole page in short time and your website would be considered good. In Div or CSS style, we can call style sheet from outside of webpages with styntax <link href=”” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” />. Because of calling css from folder your over all size would decrease and your website would cached by google or other search engines.

Now days, web site is meduim for business to express its services to clients. that’s why web designing outsourcing services are getting booom all over the world like in US, UK  and UAE. Web designing services in uae have also great demand in market. uae web designing companies are growing day by day and giving their best services to clients. web development in uae also have great scope over their in UAE. UAE seo services are growing their.

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